Agro Privated Limited - Data Conversion Works

In 1995 Macro Infotech entered into a contract agreement with M/s. Agro Private Limited, Bangalore for data conversion jobs off-loaded, dedicated to 25 seater setup were the production output was 80000 bytes per system. Voluminous data conversion was handled on day to day basis and with Quality output of 99% accuracy. Macro was taking the materials on day one and return the same after keying in on day 3 at the time slot provided, the cycle was repeating in every 2 days once. Macro Infotech defined the process with all the necessary infrastructure and power backups to achieve at 99% accuracy of data. Macro Infotech made a remarkable target achievement in the peek period of 1996 and proved the best among the agencies. Process was defined as follows:

  • Collection of data from Agro Private Limited
  • Entered into a inward register with batch number.
  • No of books and date.
  • Data entry was done with spell checker.
  • And finally a validation software would check the rules and regulations that has to be followed while keying the entries.
  • All these data was based on Court Legal Case of United States of America.