biometric ATTENDANCE system
Macro Punch Station is state-of-the-art Biometric attendance system that uses Biometric finger print technology to instantly identify employee's attendance and eliminate costly buddy punching. Designed for ready monitoring of employee time in and time out, Macro Punch Station time and attendance system automatically calculates total worked hours including overtime. Employees punch in and out at the terminal with the touch of a finger with a image display of employee and instant feedback of their status.
Macro Punch Station connects to the computer through a plug-n-play USB cable. Employees simply touch the biometric sensor to check in and out, thus eliminating paper attendance & time sheets and complete check on the attendance system.
The Macro Punch Station - Biometric Attendance System uses a biometric sensor that stores the employee's finger image, which is connected directly to your computer and interacted with software, which automatically calculates number of worked hours, including overtime and keeping track of individual employees. The Macro Punch Station generates the various reports to track all the details.