bpo operations
Macro's services are distinguished by domain knowledge, innovative business process solutions and commitment to delivering excellence.
Macro helps clients improve performance by offering:
  • Business Consulting
  • Technology Integration
  • Back Office Services
  • Field Services
  • Document coding is the process of identifying and extracting information specific to each document into a common form so that the documents are rendered searchable at any later date. Coding makes the search process easier. Macro can comfortably handle any complex coding requirement.
    Macro offers the following document coding services:
    Objective Coding
    Objective coding is the process of extracting information from the face of the document into a searchable database. This can also be called as data indexing. The fields usually included for objective coding are:
  • Document Title and Document Date
  • Author and Recipient
  • Copies
  • Document Type and Characteristics
  • Names mentioned within text
  • Begin and End dates
  • subjective coding
    Subjective coding is the process in which the coder seeks key information from the document, analyses it, and makes a short summary of the document. If the document set becomes large, then the subjective information helps the user to narrow down the search.
    In-Text Coding
    In-text coding is the line-by-line review of each page of the document for specific keywords, product names, individual's names etc.