Computerization of Child Census Data 2007 for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan , Karnataka
Macro Infotech was awarded for Computerization of Child Census Data 2007 for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Karnataka around 41 Lakh sheets of survey documents spread over 52 Taluks. Macro developed a customized software for the large scale volume of scanning & Data Entry in VB.Net and backend as SQL, involving high-end IBM servers and clients were installed and used for Data Capturing. Macro handled the documents with utmost care and caused no damage to documents of any manner and maitained the sanctity of the survery record
MACRO INFOTECH defined a high value process plan of executing 41 lakh of survey forms entered in just 43 working days, made a remarkable acheivement in production of 1 Lakh records every day. Macro established its own 25 seater setups in Shimoga, Davanagere, Tumkur & Kolar with 125 seater setup in Bangalore Head Office. Macro Infotech developed the customized software for scanning & Data entry with its utmost experience, which lead the team to achieve its target line of production.
Macro Defined Process: - Receipt of Forms from Department Authorities (Form-4), entry in Inward Register, making documents for sorting bundle wise, Removing dusts, unwanted clips, pins, staples etc., and sticking checklist on the file, Sorting documents Village/Cluster wise, Block wise, Updating No. of forms count, Creation of Master Tables, Creation of folders as per master entry, Scanning of survey forms into respective folders. Capturing the data values into the database for easy retrieval purpose. Activities specified in the QC checklist, getting approved acknowledged by the client, making data ready for submission as per the approved format to the SSA Department.