We offer efficient data processing solutions that empower the organizations with the flexibility to respond to today’s ever-changing business. You can outsource some or all of your data processing requirements to us. All our data processing solutions give a competitive advantage, letting the clients focus on their core business activities. We use advanced methodologies and technology to make your data easy to use by summarizing the information into an intelligent format. We have a reliable and experienced staff with good qualification. Quality level options are always agreed for each project, keyed data to the very highest of 99.99 accuracy guaranteed.
Online and offline forms help businesses get important customer data, complaints, feedback, payment etc. The data from these sources have to be gathered, disseminated, processed and sent to its appropriate destination in the various departments of the company, where it is needed. So having a good form processing service is a must for any progressive Organization. Any short comings in this aspect could lead to huge data loss, financial loss, loss of reputation etc. Therefore, Macro pays special attention to its form processing services. The staff of Macro, while form processing, undertakes a lot of activities like checking for the proper alignment of the forms, character segmentation, analysis of images, classification of the characters etc. For most cases of form capture, we apply the OCR method but in addition to that, some cases require double and triple key method. This guarantees a very high level of accuracy in for capture. We also ensure that the end output data is securely encrypted.