Macro can provide you high quality image processing services available in the industry today, most companies have paper documents, such as invoices, contracts, patient records, catalogs, as well as other types of applications. Scanning converts this legacy data into a format that can be stored electronically. Our experienced professional team of scanning provides services to support large scale as well as small-scale image processing projects. Macro offer high/low resolution image scanning, and we scan each and improve and optimize it to conform quality standard. Our Quality control division at every stage will review the work. Our image processing services support the latest versions of image platform.

We scan each image, improve and optimize it to reach a global web standard. We can develop top quality and sensational products with our ‘state of the art’ scanning and printing equipment. These equipments are designed for high accuracy, capacity, and speed. We offer our services to companies and small businesses or individuals. We also incorporate innovative techniques and technologies during image scanning processes. 

We scan images or photos of any size for use in a web page/printed material. We also save the originals in high quality formats for future use if needed. The file formats we use are GIF, JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PSD and many others. We enhance your websites by adding photos as well as customized graphic designs.