document management system
The biggest challenge in current business is to protect document privacy and prevent unauthorized access to any confidential information while automating the storage and access to records. In additiion, to have immediate access to complete records to service customer calls.
Integrated document management system provides organizations with an efficient and highly secure solution to manage transactional records. One can create electronic records by scanning existing paper documents such as Invoices, agreements, forms, reports etc. DMS prevents unauthorized access to any confidential information, using comprehensive audit trail, one can track every action performed on a document.
All of these documents are stored in one secure repository so you no longer have to manually search many locations for files or request files to be pulled from the records department. As a result, customer service responsiveness and accuracy is greatly improved. When customers call to make enquiries, the documents can be immediately accessed right from the staff member's workstations. This allows the call to be handled in a timely manner, usually while the caller is still on the line. This process can also eliminate the paper shuffle that can lengthen response cycle.
Integrated electronic document management filling structure is user defined and allows you to replicate your current filling structure or reconstruct your current filling structure or reconstruct your current filling structure to make it more efficient.