Online ID cards for VIP/VVIPs Indian Science Congress - 2003
90th Indian Science Congress (ISC) held during January 2003 at Jnana Bharathi Campus, Bangalore University, Bangalore, Organized by Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO. The large number of delegates were expected to participate in the 90th ISC. Shri Mukund Rao, 90th ISRO Deputy Director (T&S), Prof. Ravichandra Reddy Secretary, Bangalore University, Shri Chandy Andrews, Chairman, 90th ISC F&C Committee, Prof. Indira Jayaprakash Chairperson of 90th ISC Registration Committee awarded the contract to Macro Infotech Private Limited
Macro Infotech was awarded the responsbility for providing overall registration related services. Delegates for the 90th ISC were issued online photo-ID Card with all particulars using computer software developed and customized by us. MACRO provided all the required infrastructure including computers, digital camera and laser printers on a network linked to the 90th ISC database server; operations of the total services; establishment and maintenance of the LAN/systems and all other related services identified by 90th ISC. Macro Infotech alloted 30 counters for the registration purpose. Macro Infotech executed the assignment in very professional manner and with in the stipulated time.