Scanning of Old Aged Land Records - 100 years old Documents
Macro Infotech was awarded the Scanning of the Cadastral Survey Records for Survey, Settlement & Land Records, Government of Karanataka. Scanning was executed village wise from the books supplied in various sizes. Indexing of the scanned images and archiving them in a suitable RDBMS database was done further and this was linked to Bhoomi Project of E-Governance. This facilitated quick retrieval and reduction of noise in the scanned images. The above step resulted in a legible Printout. Hard Binding of the printed images as per the original books after approval was carried out with submission of data in CD-ROM, DVD.
Macro Approach: We approached the project in the following manner. After establishing the infrastructure and deploying the manpower, village wise records was collected from the concerned officials for Scanning. We maintain the record of receipt of total books. Prepared a work sheet for allotment of the documents for scanning and allotted one village book to one operator for scanning, based on the type of scan to be acquired (A3/A4).
Macro Process Defined: Each document had undergone Sorting, Cleaning, Scan, Crop, Tilt (For proper Alignment), Indexing and saving of the scanned document. Quality Enhancement which would include adjustment of (Brightness, Contrast, Hue) Color Saturation for mono color scan, Histogram adjustment function. Finally print was taken and verified the quality with the original.
Advantages: Scanning saves storage space and reduces warehousing costs.  Heightened awareness about disaster recovery call for not only backups of all data but also paper -  scanning solves this by providing redundant electronic offsite stored archives, simplifying disaster recovery planning. Publishing of scanned archives to CD-Rom DVD-ROM or tape. Archives accessible from office networks or intranet connections. Scanned documents can be password protected and access restricted, keeping sensitive data protected. Scanning reduces paper distribution costs. Scanning reduces the labor of manual indexing, archiving and filing. Improves collaboration. Unlike paper, electronic archives are easily emailed and shared. Scanned documents avoid the pitfalls associated working with paper masters such as misfiling, losing or damaging originals. Electronic Archiving provides immediate access at your fingertips Scanned documents are stored in industry standard formats – guaranteeing future accessibility.

Macro Infotech bagged the order continuously one after another. First the pilot project was taken up in Channapatna of Bangalore Rural District, as it was very successfully completed, next order was given for Bangalore East, Bangalore North, Bangalore South & Bangalore City Survey along with Sandur & Huvinahadagali taluks of Bellary District. These taluks were taken up on high priority and the project continued for Mysore, Davanagere, Hubli - Dharwad taluks also.