smart card
Smart cards currently exist for a vast of applications. However, the expected growth in the industry will not be due merely to growth in these segments, but also to the addition of the Internet and electronics commerce with their myriad of uses. A smart card, as mentioned above, is a portable computational device with data storage ability. As such, they can be a very reliable form of personal identification and a tamper-proof, secure information repository. The main features of the smart cards are the following:
  • The capacity provided by the on-board microprocessor and data capacity for highly secure, off-line processing.
  • Adherence to international standards, ensuring multiple vendor sources and competitive prices
  • Established track record in real world applications
  • Chip Operating Systems that support multiple applications
  • Secure independent data storage on one single card.
  • Macro offers consulting services to help you to choose the right smart card system.