MACRO provides software solutions to the companies. Our project execution skills are extensive development efforts, multi disciplinary technology skills, in depth domain knowledge and a seamless integration of bespoke development and off-the shelf solution that will ease time -to-market pressures. Macro can commit following towards a Software development project.
  • Organizational clear focus and commitment
  • Quality Processes in place
  • Strong project Management methodologies
  • A wide range of technology skills across multiple technologies and platforms
  • Macro's unique approach to be a leader is distinctively evident in the way the products had been built around the latest and best technologies. Considering the impact of technology, all the products and software are designed to work in as many technologies with open architecture on varied heterogeneous platforms and operating systems. Its relative advantage in handling huge voluminous data under different backend RDBMS (like Access, Sybase, Oracle, MS-SQL, etc) is a natural extension for all the products delivered.
    As a company that focuses on thought leadership is constantly looking to enter new arenas in e-business integration. Still our focuses on incorporating emerging technologies in the Web space remain unchanged. Constantly building on our people resource and engaging actively in both, academic as well as application development will be a continuous process.