software projects
   Survey Settlement and Land Records
   Manipal DMS
   Manipal Hospital
   Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan(SSA)
   Food and Civil supplies Karnataka
   Coats India
   Madura Coats
   Lib Management
   Collegiate Education (Govt Karnataka)
   Coffeboard (Govt. Karnataka)
   Khadi Board (Govt. Karnataka)
   Industries & Commerce (Govt.Karn)
   Family Health Plan Ltd
   ICICI Lombard
   ICICI Health Insurance
   Voter ID Card
   Chief Election Commission Karnataka
   National Science Congress ISRO
   ID Card
   Karnataka Sahitya parishath
   Births and Deaths Karnataka
   Economic Survey Karnataka
   Minor Irrigation Census Karnataka
   Agricultural Census Karnataka
   HRMS Govt Karnataka
   Electoral  Rolls Karnataka
   Input Survey Karnataka
   Hazari and Vethan
   Survey settlement and land Records
   In office and Brach Offices
   MPHS (Multi Purpose    Household    Survey)
   Uttarakhand govt and Crimson Logic Pte Ltd Singapore
Macro has team of dynamic and dedicated software professional & engineers, with twelve years of experience in data services for Government & leading private companies. We are in the business of providing software application development / integration services to enable companies leverage in their business. Macro has focussed exclusively on the Internet domain & Development and is constantly building upon its expertise. Since its inception, has cemented a focal team of professionals, successfully completed over 34 client engagements. Our joint development engagement with Departments of Government of Karnataka has seen us complete numerous high profile projects. As a result of this interaction, our inherent processes have matured to an appreciable extent. We now look toward engaging ourselves with a host of new global projects in the coming year. Our key market differentiators include our ability to swiftly ramp up on projects with competent cross-functional skills while applying our mature quality process and a specialized diverse delivery mechanism. To further reinforce this, we have an armory of consultants who bring with them varied and highly specialized focus on industry.
  • Industries and Commerce
  • Khadi and Village Industries Road
  • Rural Development and Panchayath Raj
  • Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Karnataka Agro Corn Products Ltd
  • Industries and Commerce ( I & C )
    Industries & Commerce has established the state of the art Integrated Management Information system connecting Head office and District offices which helps in automating the work flow of the Directorate to a large extent and also provides information for effective and timely decision making. This system integrates all types of activities, thus achieving computerization of the entire department. This enhanced current practices and eliminates redundant workload, which would lead to great efficiency and structure of record maintenance in the pure digital format. With the introduction of the above system, would result in the following:
  • Increase in over all performance
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Reduction in over all expenses
  • Easy retrieval of information and timely decision making
  • Effective monitoring of all expenditure
  • The software developed has user-friendly environment for database management and analysis. It handled sufficient volume of mails transmitting data from District Offices and data automatically incorporated for consolidation at Head Office. The software had adequate feature to incorporate, consolidate and analyze data beside accuracy, speed, easy retrieval and confidentiality. The software generated reports in prescribed formats both at State and District level. To monitor the Industries and Commerce expenditure periodically a system has been designed using Visual Basic as front end and Access as backend. The Report formats are designed in Text File.
    The Whole Project has been divided into following Groups:
  • Head of Account
  • Budget Allotment
  • Voucher Entry
  • Expenditure
  • DIC (District Industries Centre)
  • TIC (Taluk Industries Centre)
  • ADO
  • CD And NES
  • Others
  • Income
  • Common Revenue & Receipts
  • Sub-Voucher Entry
  • Reconciliation
  • Voucher Listing
  • Head of Account Listing
  • The input formats have been so designed to get the following out put reports.
  • Month Wise Expenditure Statement
  • Yearly Expenditure Statement
  • Month Wise Income Statement
  • Yearly Income Statement
  • Sub-Voucher Report
  • We have also designed a head office consolidated module which used to collect the data from all the districts sent through transmission from which we generated all the reports corresponding to each Taluks, district and state report.

    Khadi and Village Industries Road
    Khadi and Village Industries Board is the Government of Karnataka organization that helps people or an institution that wants to develop a project that will help to reduce unemployment or to rebuilt any closed unit, the board gives sanctions to such people. The board main intention is to promote Khadi and other home made products The board has two schemes namely PBS (Pattern Based Scheme) And CBC (Consortium Bank Credit) and a new scheme, which would start shortly, called MMS (Margin Money Scheme). A system study was made to keep track of the operation and the package was designed consulting the board.

    The package developed had options to take inputs such as the static data of each beneficiary, the sanctions made from the board, the releases and the recovery. From the above releases, a repayment schedule is drawn automatically which was very difficult in manual process. From the recoveries made demand notice was generated and sent to each beneficiary which showed the current outstanding of the beneficiary. The package also maintained the details of cancelled cases. After the development of the package, it has been convenient to know the status of the beneficiary and the repayments of the beneficiary and help beneficiary to know their dues to the board. It has also reduced lot of manual work of the caseworkers.

    Rural Development and Panchayath Raj
    In order to promote improvement in the quality of life, development of infrastructure, water supply & sanitation, minor irrigation works, housing, roads and bridges, employment-oriented schemes etc., are necessary. The Department of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj is implementing 41 state and 72 district sector schemes for improving the living conditions of people in the rural areas.
    Pragathi [Scheme Monitoring System] was designed for Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department, establishing the state of the art Integrated Management Information system connecting head office and district offices. This system integrated all schemes and monitored resource and kept track of component-wise resources like people, materials, accounts, etc., at different levels and helped in automating the work flow of the Directorate to a large extent and also provided information for effective and timely decision making. This enhanced current practices and eliminated redundant workload, which lead to great efficiency and structured information maintenance in the pure digital format contributing to Effective monitoring of all the schemes, project progress, status of work etc.,
    The system designed incorporates three-tier Client/Server with Component Object Model. The GUI front end would handle all the functionality of the User services layer, Middleware technology used to exchange information between User services layer components and data service layer within the distributed computing environment in a network-transparent manner. The advantage of this approach is the ease of maintenance, scalability and information.
  • Progress Report to be sent to Government of India (Monthly / Quarterly / Annual)
  • Mukhyavahini
  • Reports to be uploaded to RDPR Website.
  • Monthly Multilevel Review reports
  • Karnataka Development Programme reports
  • Special component plan for SC's
  • Tribal Sub Plan for ST's
  • Karnataka Mahila Abhivrudhi Yojana
  • Minorities Welfare
  • Disabled Welfare
  • Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission
    Today, the success formula for decision-makers in all sectors of industry is one and the same: "to have the right information available at the right time". What might seem very simple at first can quite often turn out to be difficult. The way enterprises cope with this decides on their success or failure. With products and services that support enterprises' long-term needs to develop, integrate and maintain their Information systems, Macro helps its customers reach for the impossible:
  • Software developed for KPTCL to enter energy consumption Feeder / Town wise.
  • Software Package used to Calculate Transmission and Distribution Losses Automatically.
  • Installed at 56 cities, covering entire State.
  • Transmission to Head Office and consolidation of database via Web Technologies.
  • M.I.S reports for decisions making in bringing down T&D losses.
  • Customized reports were generated.
    KARNATAKA AGRO CORN PRODUCTS LIMITED is a state owned leading supplier of agricultural inputs to the farming community in the state of Karnataka, having 7 district offices all over the state and head quartered at Bangalore.

    Software Products
    Macro’s products offer powerful, proven applications for financials, accounting, Inventory, Reporting, Human Resources, Payroll and more... As the backbone of your business management system, our accounting and finance applications help you track and analyze financial information and share the information with your other business applications. This allows you to streamline your operations for a more efficient, well-run organization. These applications can be customized for your business, and adopted over time as your needs change.
    Overview - Whether you’re a small, midsized or large business, you’ll find software and services to run your business better. Our ready made, solid financial tools at the core of our solutions are just the start. May be you also need to efficiently manage customer relationships, human resources or your supply chain. It’s all here, it’s all integrated and it can grow with your business.
    Vethan - Human Resources & Payroll package increase the quality and consistency of your human resource activities to reduce workloads, control costs, attract and retain the right people and improve employee job satisfaction.
    Human Resources
    In today’s competitive business environment, attracting and keeping talented employees is no longer optional; it’s the key to your organization’s success. Vethan provides you with all the tools you need to make the most of your organizations greatest asset-its employees. HR-package provides a comprehensive solution for managing employee information, paying employees and tracking payroll information. A wide range of reports help you fulfill Government requirements and support decision- making processes. Vethan brings all your payroll and human resources information together in one system, saving you time, increasing your control, and helping you make better decisions faster.
    With Vethan, we make it easy for you to capture all your employee information in a single system, with room to expand as your company grows. From personnel and payroll, training and performance, Vethan delivers valuable employee information in a single location, enabling you to manage your people more efficiently.
    Together, our Human Resources and Payroll applications provide tremendous value and improved efficiency through their tight integration, eliminating redundant data entry and helping reduce errors, and complete integration with our other business applications provides immediate access to critical and strategic information.
    This product provides cost-effective tools for managing information about employees. Tight integration of Vethan’s applications ensures information is instantly available across the systems or networks; since information is entered once available everywhere, opportunities for data entry errors are reduced, and human resources and payroll professionals gain time to spend on more strategic issues-organizational goals, and compensation and benefit programs.  Using Vethan, you also can be assured of accurate, timely pay runs, satisfying you number one customer-the Employee
    With Vethan, information once entered then is available across the system with users rights assigned to it. Because the components of the Human Resource Package share a common database, redundant data entry between HR and Payroll officials is eliminated and errors are reduced. More importantly, strategic information is available when you need it.
    Key information that has been tracked using paper systems can be moved online and automated, improving efficiency. Vethan enables Hr and payroll personnel to respond quickly to employee needs and provide better service to them. The Product – Vethan is only a step away from the paperless office; and more over only the Government reports are to print are on paper; everything else is online and instantly available.
    Your organization’s training efforts have a place in the Vethan’s Package, as well detailed information about training courses and individual classes can be tracked, along with employee enrollment. When employees complete training courses, their skills information can be updated automatically. This can help you understand the real value of individual employees to your organization –the investment your company has made in them, and the cost your company will incur if you have to replace them.
    This package helps comprehensive reporting capabilities make it easy to understand and act on critical employee issues like absenteeism. Because of Vethan’s tight integration, any benefit information entered within the Benefits/Deductions component will appear automatically in payroll. Deductions will be taken from employee paychecks automatically, and information about employee. Benefits will be available to authorized personnel throughout the system.
    Access to Information
    Perhaps the greatest benefit of an integrated human resources, payroll and financial management system is the instant, on-demand access to information you need to make decisions quickly. By enabling authorized personnel to instantly lay their hands on detailed financial information, and more over Vethan helps your organization work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.
    Powerful reporting features and online access to key information allows authorized HR and payroll personnel to respond more quickly to employee and management requests. Analysis views in Human Resources and inquiries in payroll make it easy to put your fingers on the exact information you need without printing a report. This instant, online check trail will save hours of time searching through reports and Paper records.
    Paying your Employess
    Employee pay is the fundamental contract between you and your employees: They work to achieve your organization’s goals, and they have a goodwill expectation that they will be paid for their efforts in a timely and accurate way.
    With Vethan-Payroll module you can ensure your organization meets this fundamental employee expectation. Payroll delivers in-depth control, processing power and security for managing sensitive payroll information. When you create paychecks, it’s vitally important that tax and its related identity has to be calculated accurately. With Vethan payroll module, tax maintenance service ensures the accuracy of your payroll tax information, providing updated software whenever tax rates or formulas change.
    Macro Biometric Attendance System - Macro Punch Station
    Macro Punch Station is state-of-the-art Biometric attendance system that uses Biometric finger print technology to instantly identify employee's attendance and eliminate costly buddy punching. Designed for ready monitoring of employee time in and time out, Macro Punch Station time and attendance system automatically calculates total worked hours including overtime. Employees punch in and out at the terminal with the touch of a finger with a image display of employee and instant feedback of their status.
    Macro Punch Station connects to the computer through a plug-n-play USB cable. Employees simply touch the biometric sensor to check in and out, thus eliminating paper attendance & time sheets and complete check on the attendance system.
    The Macro Punch Station - Biometric Attendance System uses a biometric sensor that stores the employee's finger image, which is connected directly to your computer and interacted with software, which automatically calculates number of worked hours, including overtime and keeping track of individual employees. The Macro Punch Station generates the various reports to track all the details.