team members

The Company team is self-motivated, knowledgeable and posses a high sense of business acumen. They are the recipes that build Company into the innovative and learning organization of the century and ahead. Thorough professionals with authority in the technologies that they handle, they have immense experience and training, backing them to deliver the client's demands. The team at Company is trained in delivering results under tight schedules and constraints of time.
Mr. Harikrishna is a Computer Engineer with 16 years of diverse experience in India and overseas, having commenced his working career in 1995 in IT industries in various disciplines. He is the Founder of MACRO INFOTECH PVT LTD and always believe in tag "Vision for Tomorrow".
From the year 1996 he is leading the Software Development division of MACRO in India. These years were marked with significant breakthroughs in product development which later became the strong strategic positioning of MACRO owing to the licensing agreements, joint ventures and sales achieved by these businesses in India.
This was a pioneering effort as the leaders of these business were introduced to India through the effort led by him, leading to top level understanding of doing business.
Mr. Harikrishna B.N. has also served on various committees of Chambers of Commerce, has addressed high level conferences in India & abroad and maintains a network of relationships around the world.

Mr. Harikrishna B.N. ventured the MATRIX Group in May 2004, as Managing Director of MACROWORX MEDIA PVT LTD.  Also heading   N . V. Data Systems Private Limited having its corporate office and operations in Karnataka. 

Mr. Pairpoorna C.P. is a Electronic Engineer with 18 years of experience in charge of various positions in Sales and Marketing Management.
In the year 1997, 2002 and 2006 he led the Business Development effort of MACRO in India. These years were marked with significant turnovers and positioning of MACRO within India by establishing joint ventures and sales promotion activities. His strengths are hard core functional experience in the field of Business development, Large account and Relationship management, Proposal making and Tendering, Project scheduling and Co-ordination. He believes in tag “None of us is as strong as all of us”.
Mr. Sabarinathan D.S. is a Computer Engineer with 11 years of experience in E-Gov Management for various Government departments in Karnataka and other states.
Since 1997 he is heading the E-Gov effort of MACRO in India as General Manager Operations. His strengths are Planning, Executing and Controlling activities, Account management and achieving Client's satisfaction. He is also good at Project budgeting, cash flows and ensuring fulfillment of Contractual obligations. He is the part of Project team to do process study and streamlining the existing resources and the process of developing customized Software development.
Name Designation
Pankaj Shah Vice President
Sanjay C. Vice President
Name Designation
Umesh Babu N. V. BD Manager - North India
Tharesh Gowda K. BD Manager - South India
Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma BD Executive - North India
Dhanraj R. BD Executive - South India
Name Designation
Girish D.K. Branch Manager
Manjunath B. Project Executive
Ashok V. Project Executive
Reddy V. S. Project Executive
Saravana M .P. Project Executive
Siraj Mohammed Project Supervisor
Girish B. T. Project Supervisor
Prasad N. Project Supervisor
Hemanth N. Project Supervisor
Nagendra G. L. Project Supervisor
Ajay Project Supervisor
Name Designation
Kathyayini B.S. Finance Manager
Lingaraju B. Accounts Assistant
Name Designation
Shantharaju B.K. DBA
Yatheesha D.B. DBA
Name Designation
Saravanan Software Admin
Mahesh Software Engineer
Raghana Yeragera Software Engineer
Vannur Basha Software Engineer
Shivakumar Software Engineer
Name Designation
Dinakar System Admin
Arun Kumar S. N. Technical Support
Name Designation
Shylaja S. C. HR Executive
Siraj A. HR Assistant
Name Designation
Bala Krishnan V. Project Manager
Mohan Kumar A. BPO Executive